Teeth Whitening

Happy Thursday,

Whiter teeth is always wanted. After all it is an easy way to make us look younger. There are at least four ways of trying it.
1) Teeth whitening tooth paste. Though personally I think they prevent our teeth from getting yellower but about getting them whiter!!
2) White strips. They are sold over the counter and some are pretty good.
Third and Fourth ones are done by the dentist.
One is the take-home system. This is a peroxide based gel that is worn on the teeth for up to 14 days for 15-30 minutes a day. The ease of use and our custom fit trays that allow for safe, reliable teeth whitening is very popular. We show the patients how to properly wear and use their trays and then it’s just a matter of taking it home and seeing the results for yourself.
The second option is the ZOOM laser whitening system. This is an in-office procedure that lasts about an hour and a half and includes the take-home system as a take home touch up kit.
Teeth whitening can cause teeth sensitivity for a short time. And during the whitening time, we best avoid any colorful drinks or food. Because like dry sponge that is ready to take up all the fluid it can, our teeth are prime to take in the colors we put to them during and for a short while after whitening.
If you decide to come in and ZOOM your smile with us, or do it at home with take home kit, a clean white smile is just a visit away. Ask our knowledgeable staff about maximizing your smile potential today!

I hope this helps.
To be continued…