Halitosis or Bad Breath

Happy Monday,

The effect of bad breath in our social lives can be devastating.  Here I will talk about its causes and its cures.

%87 of the causes of bad breath is our mouth.  In the morning, upon waking up, we might experience halitosis. It is because we have less saliva to keep our mouth clean during the night. Dead cells, bacteria and food debris accumulate and the combination results in bad breath. Bacteria are metabolizing food debris and dead cells producing sulfur smelling material,  especially on the surface of the tongue, the further back on the tongue the worse the situation.

If bad breath persists during the day, given that we have already  flossed and brushed our teeth, gum and tongue, then the most probable cause will be deep pockets around our teeth allowing bad bacteria growing there, these are the ones that produce sulfur smelling products. One way of knowing this, is after flossing around each tooth, smell the floss and see if it has bad smell. This being the case we should clean it more often and deprive the bacteria from food. Hence reducing the cause of it. If the pockets are too deep and not possible to keep them clean then we should see our dentists for cure.

Things to do to avoid halitosis:

1) Brush and floss our teeth on regular basis

2) Brush our tongue either with our regular tooth brush or especial tongue brush

3) See our dentist on regular basis

4) Avoid eating smelly foods like garlic, onion…

5) Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol

6) Don’t go hungry


I hope this helps. To be continued…




Alcohol and Health

Happy Thursday,

We are having a cold and damp day today, but inside it is quiet pleasant!

Alcohol has systemic effect on Liver and Immune system. It causes replacement of healthy liver tissue with scar tissue. As a result it impairs liver function, which can eventually lead to fatal bleeding.

Alcohol causes immune deficiency and as a result renders body defenseless and prone to infection.

Now in the area of my profession, oral health, alcohol can have devastating effects. It can cause oral cancer. One of its by-product in the body is acetaldehyde which is potent carcinogen.

Alcohol causes oral ulceration, necrotizing gingivitis and candidal infection. By reducing salivary flow and reducing immune response together with poor nutrition intake and carcinogenic by-products of alcohol, it renders one prone to periodontal disease and caries.

Avoid unnecessary pain by not drinking!

Lets hope it helps. To be continued…